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2 years ago

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The children were on vacation for over a week, ending the three. I was completely obsessed with my black lover in the three months we had to take so that I almost hurt my body with the desire to continue to fuck me with it. The children had gone to the beach shortly after my husband went to work when I wanted to make a phone call from my beloved, who told me I had the day with me. There was no way that he came to our house because the children can return home soon catch us. The beach had been during the day, there is always someone at every beach, swimming or fishing. I said I would have to wait until the children had gone home. The need to take into my body, an idea. In the back of the village had a water tower that will satisfy sextv1 a great place for the pair of us to the needs of each other, so I called again, to organize a time to meet there. quick showers, slipped a dress over her head and put a pair of flip- flops when I went to the water tower. They quickly surveyed the area, including finding a good place hidden crawled underneath to wait for his arrival. heard it was my dress to arrive quickly fell on his head, then turned sextv1 to me sextv1 he had a perfect view of what he wanted to be when I was crawling under the tower. When you see my naked body with my pussy sextv1 a perfect view of it, now there is always wet with the idea of his penis, he immediately took off his shoes, shirt, put it in his shorts to reveal his cock in all, it's hard hard glory. He was ready for me, tells me that hard for me since I had called him. among his cock in my hand I lowered my head to him, could have in my mouth. He pushed forward at sextv1 the same time, so that almost everything was down my throat before I could work on it. One hand went to my pussystarted in search of my clitoris between your thumb index Nead, sends me the most passionate feelings. His other hand found my breasts, stroking gently. At this point, my mouth had been blown down in a rhythmic, with all the crap out of his stick in my throat wonderful to work on it, sextv1 hoping sextv1 to bring it to a climax, as I feel deep in my throat wanted to shoot, but as I said before that you have complete control over your penis. Gradually he withdrew from my mouth, put me in the missionary position, mounted on top of me, then he has his tail carefully placed at the entrance of my pussy then slid over my lips, still wet. He continued this until my need was so strong in me I asked him to fuck me. His hand sextv1 moved his tail, so he came to me with a soft almost the slide to operate with only a few lines that was inside me and pushed me, could give, as I pushed himin perfect harmony. For sextv1 me, giving others perfect pussy. As always, its been so damn big that I got into a multiple orgasm in no time. It was the perfect sex machine. The pair of us have completely lost each other the desire of every body. We have come together, with me in perpetual orgasm, I always feel, but at the same time my body to go see him in orgasm. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him even deeper into me. My hips were swaying sextv1 was completely in my pussy swallowing his cock, trying to bend, it triggers in me. My efforts were rewarded, as I suddenly felt his penis throb violently, then push hard to try desperately to me low, and then felt that explode deep inside me as his body began to pump harder in me faster. He firmly but gently started kissing me, his tongue is deep in my mouth, wrapping her arms tightly around me, almost as if to be allboby on one with me. I think I had to take the best he had, no doubt had something for me, I like to sextv1 enjoy forever. We were interrupted soon after this, as they enjoy what they have to give to others, but that is going to be for part 2 of this story.
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